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4.4 / 5

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The trip unfortunately started with some troubles because the tourcompany never got a notification of my booking, although I was in the system. Due to this I came to the pick up point there was no one to pick me up. But when I called them the lady on the phone saved the day. She called the tour guide and requested her to pick me up anyway in Sevilla. The guide, Montser, was supposed to give a Spanish and French tour (because I supposedly as English speaking guest) was not on the list. But she and the French guest were amazingly friendly and flexible enough to trade the French for English explanation. So eventually, I had an amazing tour after all! Great service, really nice tour, great explanation. Thank you!

Fantastic tour with a great guide, Andrés, who enthousiasticaly told history in such a charming way, detailed and background info, he knows so much about the history and the people who lived in the palace. I could listen for hours to his stories in well spoken English. The 90 minuten have flown, really great value for money. After the tour ee had a lovely walk in the gardens, peacocks strutting by, beautiful place!! In the shadow lovely seats to rest, my kids 17 and 14 also loved the tour. . I would recommend a bottle of water and sunscreen. Absolutely loved it!

Het was een prachtige tour. Wat een ervaring de Mezquita te broeken en daarna de Joodse wijk en tot slot de Alcázar. Vooral omdat Angela onze gids zo veel van de geschiedenis wist te vertellen. Ze deed het ontzettend goed en de tijd vloog voorbij.

Je kan hier uren rondlopen en hebt prachtige vergezichten. Het fijne van de audiotour is dat je ook af en toe iets over kan slaan. Wel jammer vond ik dat het entree van het paleis er niet bij zat.

We hadden uiteindelijk n priverondleiding met n prima Engelssprekende gids. Ze legde alles geweldig goed uit en er was n fijne dialoog.