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Kim and James took us to very interesting places. No worries at all about eating, sanitary stops or what so ever. With a very good programme. Information during motorwayjourney, music after activities, a film in the end with nice music as well. Black taxi was marvelous. Local driver told us stories we never heard before. Eyeopening. And such a nice man. We took a glimpse of the Titanicsite. Enough time! James is really a good driver. The small roads, he took them with such certainty that we never doubt about our safety. Kim is a tremendous storyteller. We liked it very much. Giant Causeway and the bridge, it looked like 3 days without sleeping. Thank you Kim and James for the best bustour ever. We still enjoy!

Een zalige ervaring om niet snel te vergeten. Eerst en vooral was de organisatie top! We kwamen er 's morgens toe en de bus kwam op tijd en vertrok op tijd. Onze chauffeur en gids, John, was heel grappig, open en vriendelijk! Hij heeft de ervaring zeker leuker gemaakt. De busrit duurde lang, maar doordat je door prachtige landschappen rijdt verveel je je totaal niet en vergeet je de tijd. Galway is een heel aangename stad met een rijke geschiedenis en de kliffen zijn prachtig!!! Zeker een aanrader.

We loved this trip! More then worth the money. Glendalough was a beautiful place to hike, i would really recommend this area. You get enough time for a 10km hike or even more if you skip the shephard. It is great that the bus arrive early, so there are very few people around in the area. Our guides Sean and Ironel were also great, friendlyn funny and always on time. Kilkenny is a cozy town, with different things to do in your 2 our stop.

We had an amazing time on the trip from Dublin to Moher-Burren-Galway. I would really recommend to book a tour to see the fascinating Cliffs of Moher and discover the beauty of Ireland. The touring guide was very kind and told us a lot about Ireland while we were in the bus. The long ride is totally worth it, you get to see a lot of Ireland in just one day!

Nail en Yori waren geweldig gids en bestuurder! Nail vertelt superveel interessante informatie, maakt leuke grapjes en zingt ook nog is een leuk liedje in de bus. Top tour, echte aanrader!