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Genius y Meios presents every day (except Sundays) at 7 p.m., “Fado in Chiado”, at Cine Theatro Gymnásio (Espaço Chiado, R. da Misericórdia 12, Lisbon). Two young voices, one female and one male, are the connection bridge between the past and modernity. They are accompanied at Portuguese guitar and viola, keeping up tradition. This show, designed for tourists visiting Lisbon, stresses the singularity of a style that is unique and is also a proposal for the inhabitants. It is a real musical show where fado arises as the leading star, through truly exceptional voices and performances. The talent of young performers shines under its own light, conceived for a show welcomed in a respectable and comfortable space, that propels the exclusive sound of fado, giving away with emotion the ‘Portuguese soul’. The Theatro Gymnásio in the Espaço Chiado arises restored with the mark of a new energy for the heart of Lisbon. As it occurs with other European capitals where quality proposals reveal traditions, Lisbon has now a space where you can hear and feel, daily (except Sundays), during intense 50 minutes, the sounds of the soul of a people that surprised the world through its ability to discover new paths. A country with memory is proud of its traditions.

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