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To the world, Sicily is nothing less than an “open-air museum” and unveils itself to all through magical colors, enticing scents, beautiful cities and all the charm of its enchanting scenery. It is a land where culture, nature, history, adventure, tradition, flavors and landscapes make it more than a just “another place on the map”, rather it reveals itself as a journey for the soul. A difficult land that shows many faces and many contradictions, yet, with its authentic beauty and its endless treasures, grants genuine and thrilling emotions to all whom have the opportunity to” live it” even just for a day. It is the contribution of The Maremontis Association to revive and sustain its local tourism, and to promote the priceless heritage and endless magnificence of Sicily. Our activities offer with regard sustainable development a way of enjoying the region, thus, allowing each visitor the opportunity to discover the most inviting local resources through the use of original, innovative, comparable and integrated itineraries, all which enhance and express the truest essence of the places. It is the sole intention of our association to promote the best tourism services that our beloved Sicily can offer. Our excursion and activities portfolio comprise: Outdoor Excursions or Hiking, Biking or Horseback Riding at nature reserves and parks; sports and environmental education at summer camps or adventure parks, cultural tours, boat trips, educational winery touring and farm visits for the acquaintance.

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