Muurschilderingen van Belfast

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Kim and James took us to very interesting places. No worries at all about eating, sanitary stops or what so ever. With a very good programme. Information during motorwayjourney, music after activities, a film in the end with nice music as well. Black taxi was marvelous. Local driver told us stories we never heard before. Eyeopening. And such a nice man. We took a glimpse of the Titanicsite. Enough time! James is really a good driver. The small roads, he took them with such certainty that we never doubt about our safety. Kim is a tremendous storyteller. We liked it very much. Giant Causeway and the bridge, it looked like 3 days without sleeping. Thank you Kim and James for the best bustour ever. We still enjoy!

It was educational, and fun! The tour contains a lot of history, and personal story's, I would recommend this to anyone! Do some historical research yourself before you go on the tour. Because a lot of information is coming your way, to have some historical background knowledge is adviceable.

Bij een bezoek aan Belfast is dit zeker een aanrader.

Op een rustige manier worden de spanningen tussen de katholieke en de protestantse bevolking uit de doeken gedaan. De ervaring van onze chauffeur gaf als resultaat dat we konden vragen stellen en er altijd een duidelijke antwoord kwam. Dit is een aanrader!

Leuke rit met een erg enthousiaste gids die ontzettend leuk vertelde over de bezienswaardigheden