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This was maybe the best experience ever! The Harry Potter tour in the Warner Bros. was better than expected. We were a little bit late, but the tour guide (I totally forgot his name) was an amazing guy and the driver (I think his nickname was Badger) was also very amazing. I would recommend this tour, because we had plenty of time to see the Harry Potter tour and stroll around with the interactive sets and people who worked there. I'd recommend to get the passport at the entrance to go for an extra experience by finding Golden Snitches around the sets and halls. We had 4 hours to walk around, it may not be enough, but trust me, you will still have the best time of your life. We went on a saturday and we visited the studio first and afterwards in Oxford. To me I think that was the best order, since the excitement you get from the Studios is already a lot to control haha. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the area of Oxford and so much fun! Thanks guys!

Debbie is the best guide ever when you visit oxford. good laugh, enthusiastic. really in contact with the people. She knows and tells every nitty gritty detail.... great to have her as our guide.

Geweldig dag tocht met voldoende tijd om alles te zien. Goede begeleiding. James en Darren geweldig duo

Eens proeven van deze drie magische plaatsen om later eens iedere plaats eens individueel te bezoeken

Probleem hier wel...heel lang onderweg...maar de trip en de gids waren fantastisch!!!