Pemulan Bali

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The Balinese Farm Cooking School is a new attraction open in the early of 2014 and is operated by Pemulan Bali (a small group in the village who care for organic and healthy food). Most of the root spices and vegetables are planted by this group and the farmer around the village who is very passionate about farming. This program was start by a small thought seeing the local farmer very hard to sell their crops especially the naturally organic one since it is look not perfect compare the one with chemical pesticide and fertiliser. The farm area is surrounded by trees like, jackfruit, papaya, lime, coconut, banana, snakeskin fruit, cocoa. Not to forget the vegetable garden with, lemon grass, chilli, ginger, turmeric, lemon grass and more. A great opportunity for visitors to learn more about the ingredients while cooking our best Balinese meals.

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