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Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo is one of Europe’s most beautiful zoos where you can make a trip around the world in just one visit. You’ll have special encounters with fascinating animals that feel perfectly at home in specially imitated natural landscapes. Discover the amazing butterflies in Amazonica, be face to snout with the polar bears in the Ice Cave or visit the elephants while they are bathing. Walk across the bottom of the ocean in the fully covered Oceanium and let yourself be surrounded and amazed by fast sharks, nosy turtles and the renewed Great Barrier Reef. On the African Gorilla Island you will be delighted by the playful gorilla family and on the Savanna you get eye to eye with giraffes. Continue your voyage through Asia and meet elephants and rhinos in the tropical green of the (mostly covered) Taman Indah Rotterdam Zoo is not only a beautiful zoo, it also supports a number of conservation projects in the wild. Blijdorp actively participates in many breeding programmes for endangered species and is one of the international top ten zoos in this field.

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