Taste&Go is a new way to discover Puglia region in the South Italy. Comfortable, healthy and tasty. Dedicated to all those who love taste and live their own holidays, personalized in every detail. E-bike (electric bike with pedal assisted) experiences full of surprises and breath-taking landscapes. Many places where you can taste typical local products, in the sign of tradition. Experienced tourist assistants for tours and uncommon places. Taste&Go is a travel experience for a Green tourist: daring but relax and nature lover, who wants to discover places not commonly indicated by normal tourist guides and enjoy the cultural and wine/food sides of this land. The itineraries, realized outside of traditional routes, are the result of deep knowledge of the territory and of passion for its history, traditions and landscapes. They are uncommon tours, addressed to motivated and emotional tourists. They give back a picture of Apulia aloof from the postcards and very close to a country characterized by many faces. Taste&Go is a tourist project related to the eco-sustainability and innovation concepts without overlooking history and the respect for the territory. Recently Puglia is a very appealing tourist destination, thanks to its typical dry-stone buildings, to its amazing culinary tradition, to its rural settlements and its unique territory, all attractions that are shown through our tours. Region also became part of the best trips classification by National Geographic, an absolutely stunning place to visit with the following motivation: “Puglia boasts the best of southern Italy: the rhythms of life, traditions, and the beauty of the areas. Indomitable”. Moreover, the e-bikes (electric bicycle with assisted pedal) can push even seniors and less athletic people to experience something new, making these experiences available for all kinds of users, including those who, due to slight disabilities, motion impairments, weight or particular physical conditions, or simple laziness, would enjoy a relaxing bike tour but would not find standard bike itineraries appealing. Maybe there are many ways to experience Puglia, but there is only one to enjoy to the fullest the taste of this land.

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