THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL is the in-depth intelligence and espionage tour company. The company was launched in 2009 offering in-depth spy tours in the spy capital of the world – London, and its tours have already received widespread acclaim. Considering Britain’s pre-eminent role in world affairs in the last one hundred years, it is undeniable that the histories of Britain’s most well known intelligence services – MI5 and MI6 - can be described as ‘colourful’ as they played ‘The Great Game’ both at home and abroad. Being involved in two World Wars, the Cold War, and with the Middle East remaining a constant hotspot, these intelligence services have played a pivotal – and sometimes controversial – role in all of them. There’s no doubt that the spy genre is intoxicating for many. But aside from a couple of references to James Bond at the beginning, the ‘Trail focuses on real people, real events, and real consequences. And of course, real locations. The tour takes walkers on a trip into some of the ‘less-touristy’ streets in central London, highlighting the buildings and locations where key intelligence decisions were made or incidents occurred throughout the decades. The tour will appeal to anyone - students, spy thriller fans, and tourists alike, or even those considering joining the intelligence services - wanting to know more about Britain's intelligence services, the key episodes in their history, along with the respective context. It's the perfect opportunity to find-out what REALLY happens away from the fictional worlds of James Bond, George Smiley, Harry Palmer and (more recently) Harry Pearce! As there’s sex, violence, betrayal and treachery in abundance, THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL is only suitable for those aged 18 and over. This is especially so during the x-rated SEXPIONAGE tour, where the first and second oldest professions often come together and the spy antics get saucier! Why choose THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL as your London spy tour? Here are four good reasons:- Your guide - "Mr X" – is amongst other things a former politics and economics lecturer armed with a BA (Hons) in International Relations - specialising in security studies. As well as being competent in the subject matter per se, he has the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide further comment regarding the context in which events occurred. There’s no cue cards referred to on this tour! In contrast with other London walking tour guides, ‘Mr. X’ is completely focussed on this tour and this tour only. For this reason, everything IN the tour is ABOUT the tour. In other words, it’s “all killer and no filler”. Why settle for less? The tour content covers a range of events and episodes, in doing so providing an excellent introduction to the British intelligence services as well as recounting key episodes. Facts and drama go hand in hand! Because the route itself goes past so many points of relevance, there’s no shortage of material. In fact, ‘Mr X’ has the hard choice of choosing which events and episodes to recall within the confines of the normal tour length: stories and locations selected on each tour may vary. Having said that however, the faster the tour group can walk the greater the chance of some extra stories thrown in for good measure! As well as scheduled public tours, private tours for small groups or larger corporate parties are also available and enquiries welcomed. The company prides itself on its customer focus, engaging in a courteous, professional, and enthusiastic manner. As well as the appropriate subject expertise, the company also has professional marketing credentials, including Full Membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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