The Undercover Unit

What is The Undercover Unit? Well imagine being able to live a video game or experience things you only thought possible on the holodeck of the Starship Enterprise. The Undercover Unit is a fully interactive theatrical experience driven by actors, lights, sounds, music and much much more. This is a place where law enforcement/fire and EMS agencies come for training, and YOU can step into the shoes of a spy, law enforcement officer, or maybe even a zombie hunter depending on the scenario we have for you at the time. You will get to experience all the thrills without the risk or the paperwork. In this seasons game you are an undercover agent. We have information to believe that the mafia has set up a counterfeiting ring in the area. You will be tasked with conducting surveillance, interviewing witnesses/suspects, working undercover etc to build a case against them. Gather the clues and keep a sharp eye and you just might solve this case yet. But stay on your toes because you never know who is telling the truth and who isn't. Screw this up and we just might be planning your funeral.

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