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THIS IS HOLLAND Discover The Netherlands in a unique way in just than one hour! Experience a unique flight over all must-see attractions in Holland. Fly like a bird and be amazed by the diversity, beauty, and wealth of the Low Countries. Plus you will learn more about the true identity of the Netherlands. You can discuss who created the world, but one thing is certain: the Dutch created Holland! Below sea level Before the Ultimate Flight Experience, the story of how Holland was created is narrated in an edutainment presentation. It’s the story of a people who created their own country from the sea and swamp; a country that has become one of the greatest places on earth. The Ultimate Flight Experience The Highlight of THIS IS HOLLAND will be The Ultimate Flight Experience begins. In a group of 40 persons, you will fly over Holland as it were. A flight that is barely distinguishable from reality. You will see the Kinderdijk windmills, the canals of Amsterdam, the flower-bulb fields, The Delta Works, the port of Rotterdam, and countless other Dutch icons from an entirely different perspective. You will be hanging inside a sphere-shaped screen with your hands and feet dangling free. Moving with the images, you will imagine yourself floating above Holland for a period of 9 minutes. Special effects like wind, mist and scent complete this unique experience. THIS IS HOLLAND lounge In the Holland Lounge you can enjoy additional information about the attractions that drew your attention during The Ultimate Flight Experience in a relaxed setting. UNESCO Dutch World Heritage Sites THIS IS HOLLAND devotes special attention to the ten areas of Holland that are listed as official UNESCO World Heritage Sites. THIS IS HOLLAND is the perfect way to learn more about, and see more of, Holland in just a short time. THIS IS HOLLAND is located directly opposite Amsterdam Central Station on the north side of the city. A free shuttle ferry that runs 24 hours a day will take you to the other side of the IJ harbour.

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