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Currently the War Remnants Museum is a unit under the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Chi Minh City. Located in the museum system of Vietnam, the museum for world peace and a member of the World Council of Museums (ICOM), the War Remnants Museum, the Museum of thematic research, collection , storage, preservation and display of the material, photographs, artifacts on the evidence of the crime and the consequences of the war that the invasion force has caused to Vietnam. Thereby, the Museum of educating the public, especially the younger generation, mental struggle for independence and freedom of the country, the anti-war sense of invasion, to protect peace and solidarity friendship between the peoples of the world.

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Cu Chi tunnels, Cao Dai Tempel, Herenigingspaleis, War Remnants Museum, Basiliek Saigon Notre-Dame, Mekongdelta

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Ho Chi Minhstad

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